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How It Works

  • You fill in your details in less than 10 mins, or delegate to an employee of yours
  • Choose your domain name
  • Choose your subscription plan
  • We then take care of everything. Your new website will be live within a week

Promote your research

At this day and age, without a website, it's hard to maintain a globally competitive presence. This service can be a powerful way to disseminate your work.

share protocols & ideas

Ever wanted a one-stop repository for all the tools or protocols you have developed over the years? We can help with this.

HASSLE-FREE maintenance

We know how busy you are as a Group Leader. That is why you can choose to have someone else handle payment or other minor details.

Advertise open positions

Do you want to get candidates that are specifically interested in working with you? Let them find out about open positions!

Choose the plan that works for you

Yes, you can charge the group budget if you prefer!

post-doc tier



  • Your own domain name
  • Open position ads
  • Publications
  • Standard e-mail support
  • Classic layout

group leader tier


Per year

  • Your own domain name
  • Open position ads
  • Publications
  • Standard e-mail support
  • Customisable layout/color
  • Appoint a maintenance contact

tenured tier


Per year

  • Your own domain name
  • Open position ads
  • Publications
  • Premium e-mail support
  • Completely bespoke website
  • Hands-off. We take care of everything, just send us an e-mail

Frequently asked questions

There are several benefits actually. If you have ever dealt with a university-hosted site, you know that to make any changes, you will have to probably e-mail a few people and wait for weeks for the changes to happen. Our service offers the advantage of instant changes & being able to do updates yourself.

Furthermore, academics do move institutions and it’s preferable to have your academic profile under your own control, than have it affiliated with only one university.

In terms of branding and promoting your research, the combination of social media with your own website can be truly powerful. It is not a matter of luck that the majority of top US-based groups use these.

Lastly, you can advertise your research in a publicly accessible way and promote fundraising.

We have 3 tiers to suit all budgets. The basic tier, for $99 charged annually provides you with a classic academic website. For $199/year you can have it customizable and also put one of your employees in charge of updating it to save you time. Lastly, for $999/year you get a completely bespoke website

This service is developed by academics, for academics. We solve the 2 main frustrations that come about with other website builders:

  • Extensive time required to build and update the site
  • Inflexibility of payment using your group budget

I am a PhD graduate who is also a web developer. Given my familiarity with the hurdles academics face to promote their research, I created this easy to use web application.

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