Ten Tips for a Great PhD Student-Supervisor Relationship

In no certain order, here are ten ways to be a great PhD student and manage the relationship with your supervisor: 1. A PhD comes with a lot of bureaucratic and formal procedures. Do your absolute best to prepare everything for your supervisor so that you will minimize the effort he/she has to put into […]

How to Create a Google Scholar Profile – Guide & Tips

Certain online tools are truly essential to an academic these days. An example of such tool would be Google Scholar, the academic search engine. You probably heard how helpful it is if you want to increase the frequency of interactions you have with other scholars and want to experience all the benefits. So how do […]

Academic Productivity Tips During COVID-19

The current lockdown can be seen either as time wasted from research, or time that can be used productively in other areas. If your work relies on laboratory experiments, then yes, your research is going to have a temporary setback. This is unavoidable. Other disciplines however will not be affected as much. For laboratory science, […]

Five Reasons to Create Your Own Academic Website

Academic research and funding are now more competitive than ever. Older, established group leaders win grants without the need to advertise and promote their accomplishments. Younger group leaders, on the other hand, need to use every tool in the toolbox to become more competitive. The majority of US-based group leaders have their own academic website […]