Academic research and funding are now more competitive than ever. Older, established group leaders win grants without the need to advertise and promote their accomplishments. Younger group leaders, on the other hand, need to use every tool in the toolbox to become more competitive. The majority of US-based group leaders have their own academic website to promote their research which is usually provided by their host institution. A self-controlled, academic website can be a valuable tool to disseminate your research.

The main benefits

  1. Full control over the content & customization. Usually, institutionally-provided websites have a fixed layout. It is not possible to customize the content and add a new section if you wish.
  2. In the digital era, more academics are taking to social media as a means to foster new connections and collaborations. The combination of social media with your own platform can be truly powerful to promote your research.
  3. Academics often move to new universities multiple times in their career. If you don’t control the content of your website, your old university will just take it down. However, when you have full control over the website and content, a change of university will not affect you.
  4. Instant updates and customization. If you have ever tried to update a university-issued website, you know that at times it may take weeks for the simplest of changes to go through.
  5. Lastly, it’s a great way to get in touch with the public directly and promote fundraising for your research. You can list your research goals & accomplishments in a lay-friendly fashion. Then you may refer the public to the appropriate university channel should they want to contribute funds.

The benefits of creating your personal academic website are not limited to the above. What if you want to upload several pictures of your group or have a personal profile for each member? Or advertise new open positions quickly? You can do these with a few button clicks and the opportunities for customization are near limitless.

In 2020, a digital presence is more central than ever to one’s career. Now, website creation is easier than ever for academics with our service.

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